Trending T-Shirt Design for Summer 2019 -
Trending T-Shirt Design for Summer 2019 -
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Trending T-Shirt Design for Summer 2019

Its summer and that means new trends in t-shirts design. We’ve looked through our favorite designs that the shirtee has been creating recently to forecast what’s going to be big this year summer in the world of custom t-shirts! See what to design now for perfect summer 2019.

Retro Vintage

The Retro Vintage re-creats the favorite vintage t-shirt by combining all the qualities of a great fitting t-shirt with classic logos.

Pocket Print

People love pocket prints. Pocket prints are a great way to promote your message in a subtle, yet impactful way.

Hand Lettering

The textural, hand – drawn look of these t-shirts graphics prints really well on apparel.


Sour makes fun. Lemons taste good, with tequila better. Are you a Tequila fan?

No matter what ink and shirt colors you’re thinking of combining, make sure that there’s high contrast between the color of the apparel and the design being printed on the shirt.

Have you created a design and ink color combination that is rocking for summer? Let us know! We love to see your creations!

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