Mistakes to avoid during product creation - blog.shirtee.com
Mistakes to avoid during product creation - blog.shirtee.com
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Mistakes to avoid during product creation

We always see that the designers make these three common mistakes while uploading the designs. Today we briefly discuss these confusions below, this informations will help you create the best products and help to increase your sales

Designs doesn’t match the product category

If you just finished creating a design, we’re sure you’re excited to add it to all of our available products. However, you should hold tight and consider whether your design would be a perfect match for all the product category available

For instance, a design that features wine probably wouldn’t be apppropriate for kids apparel choice of picking products, colors according to the design while uploading them in the creater.

Wrong Placement of the Design on Products

This is usually a very common mistake. It’s important that you’ll want to assure that the design is properly-placed on the product. Mostly all the designers are places in the middle of the chest. Furthermore, small designs aren’t desirable, as buyers want to showcase your creative creations.

By assuring the design sized and placed correctly, you’ll have the opportunitz to increase your chances of increasing the sale. Otherwise, customers will likely ignore the design or be dissatisfied with their final product with the wrong placement of design in the product.

Designs color doesn’t match the color of the product

Is your design primarily white? Then it probably wouldn’t look too good if it’s placed on a white product. Placing a design on a similarly-colored product will compromise the overall quality and your design will be invisible from the t-shirt.

This mistake is easily avoidable. You can deactivate or deselect specific product colors while uploading the design, assuring that a customer never purchases any design-product combination that isn’t top-color.

Do you have any stories regarding these mistakes? Do you find yourself making any mistakes that weren’t mentioned above? Let us know in the comments!

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