New - Custom Embroidered polo Shirts -
New - Custom Embroidered polo Shirts -
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New – Custom Embroidered polo Shirts

It’s time to open a new awesome category in your stores!! Shirtee has now introduced the option to embroider on polo shirts for Men& Women. You can customize the product with embroidery designs featuring up to many colors for your customers.

Why Polo shirts? Whether on a sailing trip, in office life or on your first date: With this combinable polo a person is always well dressed and spreads a touch of maritime flair. This semi-fitted premium cotton Men’s & women’s polo shirt is just the right mix of relaxed and sporty. Thanks to the 100% cotton, Polo shirt has a comfortable, relaxed fit. It’s pre-shrunk and maintains its shape after washing, so it can be a favorite in your wardrobe for a long time. Make it stand out with a vivid embroidery accent, and it’ll definitely turn heads!

Product details

Material 100% Cotton
Size S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL
Finish Button panel reinforced with lining+ Three color- corrdination buttons
Shape Slightly waisted cut + 1×1 rib collar
Extras Prewashed + Removable label + Sewn from individual parts

Make your design embroidery-friendly


When developing embroidery designs, you should note that the number of thread colors you use will impact the look of the shirt. Keep in mind that there’s a limit to how many thread colors you can use.  Maximum of 5 colored designs are possible. For more details about colors and embroidery file click here.


All colors that appear in your graphic will be embroidered, So be careful with white backgrounds.


We can only adjust the size of your graphics by 10%. Please make sure to submit the file in its original size.


Minimum width of fonts and lines is 2mm. Your motif will be placed on the product as embroidery design directly after the campaign clearing – so do not be surprised if it looks “normal” in campaign creation.

  • Design in the form of a PNG (embroidery file)
  • In addition to the embroidery file a PNG in embroidery look

Make sure to use only monochrome areas/ lines (no gradients/mixed tones) and to use the following in your color selection to limit your motif to our colors.

Start with your embroidery creativity !! Have you already tired our embroidery Caps? What do you think? Give us your feedback

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