Last Minute Marketing Tips for Mother’s Day Sales -
Last Minute Marketing Tips for Mother’s Day Sales -
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Last Minute Marketing Tips for Mother’s Day Sales

This year, Mother’s day falls on Sunday, May 12th, so you’ve still got enough time to prepare your store for shoppers who want to spoil their moms. In case you’re short of ideas, you’re at the right place!

Who is most likely to buy a gift for the moms? Husbands, sons, and daughters. Here is some quick advice that you can run to grab some quick sales as Mother’s Day approaches.

Keep your International calender Updated

5th May

Spain, Portugal

10th May


12th May

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland & United States

26th May

Frace & Sweden

Offer product personalization

Personalization is one of the biggest trends of the year. Even though personalized items are popular all year round, they’re perfect for special days like Mother’s day.

There are two ways how you can go about introducing product personalization to your store.

1.  You can add a brand new limited edition product to your collection and make it customizable.

2. Or, in case you already offering mom-themed products for mother’s day, you can make the most popular piece customizable.

If you’d like to give customization a go, there are a couple of ways you can do it with Shirtee.

  • Use Shirtee product customization tool for Shopify, WooCommerce, and
  • Enable Shirtee product personalization option on Etsy

Set up email campaigns

It is a well-known fact that email marketing remains on the most popular ways to keep customers up to date.  As you’re preparing Mother’s day email campaigns, keep in mind that your customer’s inboxes will be swamped with similar emails from competitors. That’s why you should pick good subject lines carefully and put amazing content an eye-catching email design.

Some ideas for Mother’s Day email campaign idea’s:

  • Special mother’s day deals
  • Last-minute deals
  • Offer / Order deadlines
  • Best-selling products

When it comes to social media marketing, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin, especially in the days leading up to Mother’s Day. Only focus on social media platforms that will reach your target audience. And concentrate on creating quality content that’s fun to consume and easy to share.

Remember, you won’t be the only store promoting special Mother’s Day deals. In order to stand out from the competition, you need to think of a different angle to present similar ideas in an engaging way. Whatever you decide to do, keep your brand voice consistent.

Produce Photos and videos  for Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social media platform after all. Repurposing your gift guide or lead magnets into Facebook posts and videos will create exposure. If you don’t have a guide, shoot photos and videos of your latest collection or product line with explanations of benefits.

Follow common video-optimization practices of using keywords – including file names and writing original descriptions. Also, consider little-known tactics such as front-loading keywords, generating engagement especially on comments, using a small number of highly specific tags, creating eye-catching thumbnails, and making your video longer rather than shorter. Consider using extended descriptions — i.e., mini-blog posts.

Mother’s Day promotions

Throughout the years, businesses have taught shoppers to expect special deals with every upcoming holiday. Mother’s day is no exception. One of the best ways to do is Promo codes.

By giving out promo codes days before Mother’s Day can increase customer retention. You can also attract new customers as 78% of window shoppers agree they would buy from an unknown brand if they had an opportunity to redeem a promo code.

There are several types of discounts and offers you can introduce to your customers in the form of promo codes. The most popular are:

  • percentage-based discount
  • dollar value discount
  • free or upgraded shipping

Successful promo code campaigns have a clear objective, let it be growing brand awareness, introducing new products or decreasing cart abandonment. So think strategically what you can offer on Mother’s Day and how running this promotion will benefit your business.

Let’s say you own a clothing store, and your best selling product is t-shirts. If you recently add designs for Mother’s day to your store and would like this new product to get more exposure, offer a promo code for mothers based on mother’s day offer.

Play to the impulse in social media

I know, social media, what an unexpected turn of events! But in all seriousness, you need to keep your social media accounts up and running at all times if you want to communicate with your audience in a timely and engaging way.

We know that Mother’s Day shoppers often purchase something impulsively. Put out messages to social media that play up the time factor

  • Last chance to shop for Mother’s Day
  • Don’t forget this year, order your Mother’s Day gift early!
  • Make mom happy and proud this year – by ordering early!
  • Use special hashtags like #mother’sday2019 #yourproduct

Remember, you won’t be the only store promoting special Mother’s Day deals. In order to stand out from the competition, you need to be creative to present similar ideas in an engaging way. Whatever you decide to do, keep your brand voice consistent.

Reach out Mom bloggers

Ask some mom bloggers to give you a shout out so they can save other mothers a bad Mother’s Day. Mom bloggers are great for exposure – and for the most part, do this without any kind of promotional considerations in mind.

Even though Mother’s Day is one month away, you can still reach out to influencers to promote your brand or certain products on your store. But instead of aimlessly asking for a shoutout, carefully think about what exactly you want to promote through your chosen influencer.

Don’t think of Mother’s Day influencer marketing campaigns as a way to promote products related to this holiday only. Think outside the box to make the most of the exposure that influencers can offer.

The bottom line…

With the right approach, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to immediately boost your sales while generating substantial goodwill for your brand. It’s also a way to reach out to a new audience. When you continue to provide value and build a trust relationship with your new followers, you transform them for one-time visitors into future customers.

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