Running out of Idea's for Mother's Day Products -
Running out of Idea's for Mother's Day Products -
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Running out of Idea’s for Mother’s Day Products

Everyone is looking for that perfect combination and heartwarming gift for Mother’s Day. Print on Demand is the perfect way to combine both – great products that mothers will love with custom designs that give them a personal touch. While most would agree that mothers deserve loving appreciation all throughout the year, every time Mother’s Day comes around, people go a little extra, showering moms their love with gratitude and gifts.

According to the National Retail Federation, last year total spending around Mother’s Day hit a record of $23.6 billion. And Mother’s Day is the third biggest spending holiday in the US.

Here’s where it gets interesting for us – 31% of this money will be spent online!

That’s nearly $7 billion spent online for this holiday. While lunch and dinner have become common, gift cards and personal services are also in the top giving category. Most importantly for us – clothing and other goods. Clothing is the best choice for a Mother’s Day gift. Additionally, 29% of purchases tend to be impulse buys – buying for your mother is difficult!

You’ve got a great opportunity to slide into this holiday and present a great product that will scratch that impulsive itch – with the right design! We are giving some sample design pack for Mother’s Day.

5 Best Products with Shirtee which can boost your Mother’s Day sale

Year after year, mom and family-themed apparel are some of the highest selling on Print on Demand channels. Ride the wave and put together a great campaign for some new designs that show mothers everywhere that they are loved. For more creative idea click here

Our beautiful mug is the best way to put a smile on any mother’s face early in the morning – when she needs it most! Watch their heart melt with your lovely customized quote or picture in the mug.

Does your mother need some comfort now that you’re away? Why not get a custom made pillow for her to cozy up with – it’s the perfect way to support moms – worldwide.

Do you like to gift your mom some picture or quotes? Then these posters are the best option. Help a mother impress her friends with a flowing gift that allows her to show off to her friends just how thoughtful their children are.

Embroidery caps

As the weather is changing and the summer is coming soon. Why not a different gift to moms?? Start your design for embroidery caps and make a different and special gift to your mother.

Over to you..!!

Mother’s Day is the third biggest commercial holiday. Luckily, as a store owner, you still have time to prepare for Mother’s Day shopping. Work not only on attracting new customers but also on retaining existing ones. Most importantly, think of this special occasion as a chance to grow your business.

Running out of marketing ideas?? You’ve still got enough time to prepare your store for shoppers who want to spoil their moms. In case you’re short of ideas check here.

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