Dropshippers: Shirtee app for iOS - blog.shirtee.com
Dropshippers: Shirtee app for iOS - blog.shirtee.com
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Dropshippers: Shirtee app for iOS

E-commerce is going mobile and it’s time Shirtee joins the trend. We’re excited to launch our Shirtee iOS app that’ll help you keep track of your orders and other updates while you’re on the go! The Shirtee app covers the main functionalities of the Shirtee cloud and allows Dropshippers to manage their orders while on the go. These are our first steps with the app and we’re hoping to add new features regularly. The team behind the project is working on new updates and features which are to be implemented based on user needs and feedback. So keep in mind that this is not an app version of the entire website. Here’s what you’ll be able to do with it for now.

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What do you get from Shirtee app for iOS?

Connect with your Market places

You have different market places? Now it is made easy for you to manage them easily. Track your orders for all individual marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. You can quickly check your total orders in the list, pending orders, the complete orders, and the canceled orders.


Now, it is made easy with the statistics track record, You have a complete track of your sales record on daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis with how many products are sold and canceled and the profit made.


It is always wise and good to have a record of the money flow in the account. So, Shirtee app helps you with ‘wallet’ you can check all details such as the current status of your available credit, the total amount subtracted and also the amount you got a refund.

Report a Problem

Now it is made easy for dropshippers to reach Shirtee support team whenever there is a problem with the product delivered to report. Choose an existing photo or snap a new one with your phone’s camera to let us know if there is an issue with the print of the product, wrong product, wrong color, or wrong size.

Support ticket

Get in touch with the Shirtee support team quickly and easily. To give you 100% support for your business 24/7 you can use the app to report a problem about an order or for any query about our products. Our support team will check the problems immediately and will come back with a solution at the earliest.

What’s more, coming up?

You can recharge your wallet and the new market place ”Rakuten”!!!!!!!!! Stay informed and manage your store.

What about an Android app, You ask? This is just our starting point, the plans are big! We’re kicking things off with an iOS app first simply because the majority of our customers use this operating system. So get the app and manage your store while on the go!

Haven’t tried using the Shirtee app yet? Start using and leave us your feedback.

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